«Big game» campaign for Super Slots players
25 Jul 2019

The prize fund of the event is 4 000 000 rubles. Players who reach prize places in 12 tournaments will receive money and points. Top 100 players with the biggest points amount will reach final tournament. Promotion will be continuing until August, 27.

Payouts and Vulcan Deluxe’s summer promotion
17 Jul 2019

Payouts, but half of the summer ahead and promotion for Vulkan Delux players is continuing.

Payouts, new demo games, landing page and banners
03 Jul 2019

Payouts and so much promo materials, let's log in and choose what you like.)

Payouts, landing pages and new banners
19 Jun 2019

About payouts, new banners and landing pages

Payouts and summer promotions for players
06 Jun 2019

Payouts and long-term promotions for players. Operative news in our telegram channel.

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