Dear partners!

Now, while promoting casino, you also have a unique opportunity to get profit for the return of old players. This model will allow a fairer distribution of income from affiliate advertising amongst webmasters. And what is more important - now you have the opportunity to get profit from the players who were registered in the casino without referral code!

"Rebill" is a deposit of a player who was not active for more than 7 days.

You will get profit from this and next deposits, if that player follows your affiliate link during the previous 24 hours. As a result, you will receive 50% of the profit of your program for a rebill (usually it is about 25% of casino's profit ).

If this player was brought to the project by the other partner, and you have returned him, then the other partner will also get his part of the profit of the player (50% of the profit of his program). Thus, the profit of the returning player will be shared equally between the partner who brought the player to the casino for the first time and partner who returned him.

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