Dear Partners!

We are pleased to announce that "New Yeat Jackpot from casino Vulkan!" successfully launched.

By the number of requests in the first days of New Year race hasten to clarify a few points:

  • For whom this action?

For every webmaster who want to earn money on its traffic with us!

  • What kind of reflinks need to participate in the action?

Suit absolutely any refkody from the casino "Vulkan". It does not matter when they were created, is only important date of registration (after 1st December inclusive)

  • Can I take part in the action before or after the deadline of the drawing?

It does not matter when the webmaster "involved" in the contest- he'll get at least 10% super profiton the result of their players. The more players, the course, the percentage super profit above.

  • Starting prize fund of $ 10 000. What will be the final sum? How fast it grows?

The final amount of the prize pool depends on the overall results of all participants in the race. The rate at which increases prize money will increase with each passing day as the number of players in December.

We wish you good luck!